What The Phở vintage shirt

Chaos, confusion, a lack of statesmanship, incredible corruption at every level of government, a complete lack of respect for the rule of law, absolute ignorance of any knowledge of how our government should operate, nepatism, emoluments violations just about every day, the normalization of daily lying to the American public with respect to almost every topic, no foreign policy whatsoever, poorly constructed trade deals (none of which have been finalized), incredibly poor choices for cabinet positions, most of which have been fired or replaced or people have simply resigned, destroying just about every relationship our country has had with foreign leaders around the world because they simply don’t trust him or he has in some way insulted them, an obsession with immigration to the point of absolute cruelty, racism, a complete lack of respect for the first amendment and insulting members of the press who ask legitimate questions calling them FAKE news whenever he doesn’t like a question or can’t answer in such a way to make himself look good, making up completely phoney stories about his political opponents just to smear their reputation, and gee what else?

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What The Phở vintage shirt

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This guy has the resume’ of a third world dictator who rules in a Banana Republic simply because that’s who he thinks he is. His constant buddying up to ruthless murderous dictators around the world apparently makes him comfortable because that is what he really like – a bully and a brute with corruption as a tool. He thinks he’s a real tough guy but he’s really nothing more than a morally weak asshole and a common criminal.

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