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So, if your MIL is just staying with you for a week or two, be grateful. You will have no idea how very hard you would find things if she wasn’t doing so much with your son – and you will be left to your own devices soon enough. Grandmothers have special bonds with their grandchildren ( My Mother and my daughter have a really good one and my daughter often had sleep overs with her from an early age) If she’s coming over though on a daily basis and spending hours not leaving yo alone, it might be more diplomatic to cut those visits down a bit at a time by making other excuses for why she can’t come over.

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They got very drunk and I had to try to get them the mile home from the pub. This was very out of character by the way, they like a drink but would not usually get too drunk while I was there. My dad decided to walk down the middle of the road so I let go of my mother to go get him and she decided to squat and pee outside another pub. I was mortified as it was chucking out time and quite a few people saw! Why not? It’s a fun and funny app. If you’re worried about privacy put her account on private. And if you’re worried about what she’s posting make an account and follow her, she won’t post anything bad because she’ll know you could see it.

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Another clear fact that has emerged is that the media panic reporting likely made the problem much, much worse. I saved many article headlines from March and April, and they gave the impression that Covid 19 was a death sentence, only disclaiming near the end of the stories that most people have only mild symptoms. People read this, and at the first sign of symptoms, many crowded into hospitals, thereby creating an instant huge infection of other patients and medical professionals that snowballed.

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As an excellent recent article in the NYT times by a pulmonary ER doctor in NYC stated, most people should stay home, check their blood O2 with an inexpensive pulse/ox device, and contact their doctor. One of the key problems with Covid, as he stated, is that it can compromise the lungs without typical flu-like symptoms other than some mild breathing issues. But if alert for, the patient can do simple things like sleep on their side or stomach to let the lungs clear and recover, which is exactly what they do in the hospital, and it works very well. It is interesting to me that other than the opinion piece, the Times (or media in general) didn’t bother to report things like this in the main paper.

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Weed high maintenance shirt

You say he ignores you when you ask for a favor so im guessing he does not want to give you the favor and also a text message is evidence so it can be held against him at some point should you guys fall out and worst case scenario that you start a work dispute case againt him. Maybe try ringing him instead. Myself, I am considered pretty decent at programming computers. My mother, who is now a suitably feisty 92 year old, can’t do that – even though she is a whizz at programming a VHS tape VCR to record a TV program in the future. No mean feat, that.

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And finally, if she is really being overbearing on an ongoing basis, you may need to explain to her that you really would like more time to yourself to spend on your own with your son but do it gently to begin with, increasing the pressure on her only if necessary. She could very well be your greatest help and friend in a few years time Maybe your mom is in denial that you are already entering your teen years. Many mothers have a hard time accepting their little babies are growing up.

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