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Now I would caution that one not “get stuck” in that type of rigid thinking that implies that only certain types of production “count”. That is there are those who think that the only things that count as production is tangible wealth with easily appraised value. Cars, houses, electronic devices, fuel, etc. etc. But there are many less tangible things that have value, enhance standard of living, and quality of life, and even help make for conditions that reduce the destruction of some of those more tangible and easily appraised items of wealth.

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In my experience, yes. But not because they love you. You shouldn’t take it as a compliment, either. Imagine the sense of grandiosity- they hurt you badly and still expect you to jump when they call. They still view you as property. They never think about what they have done. When I was 11 years old, my mother took my brother and I back to France to visit her family. Her marriage was troubled and I did not realize that my stepfather had sent us there with the intention of leaving us there. His first wife was German. Apparently, when he decided the relationship was over he sent her back to Germany for a family visit. During that time he was able to secure a divorce, and mailed her a one dollar bill. She never returned for her belongings which my mother inherited when she married him.

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As a child, I did not understand the complexities of relationships. Despite being unhappy with our home life, my mother pleaded with him to return. I think a lot of it had to do with fear. Divorce was stigmatized in the day and my having been born out of wedlock, my mother already had brought shame to her family. After spending three months in France, we finally returned to the United States. My stepfather was there to greet us and I remember him amorously kissing my mother at the airport and providing her with a gift of animal print panties. I can’t even begin to imagine what was going through her mind. Unbeknownst to me he had an insatiable sexual appetite that my mother had been unable to satisfy. As children, my brother and I believed that all would be finally well.

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After the divorce my mother had to get a job leaving us alone at home for several hours at a time. I remember going through her dresser drawer one time snooping in her papers. It was there I came across the correspondence they had while we were in France. In those letters my stepfather detailed specific disciplinary actions he felt I required in order to become a productive adult. He indicated he loved me as though I was his own and was looking out for my best interests. This was the first I had heard that he was not my birth father. Additional snooping provided a birth certificate dated two years after my birth with his name listed as the father. I also found adoption paperwork.

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My stepfather was a cruel and sadistic man. The fact that opportunities for women were so minimal in those days forced my mother to agree to a life that was not healthy for any of us. My brother and I bore emotional and mental scars that have haunted our lives. My mother’s final relief from those years was that she developed dementia and was able to put those miserable years aside when she eventually forgot about them as her memories declined. She became childlike and fun. Her joy of life and laughter was something my brother and I had never experienced when we were growing up.

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I leave it to the reader to think of things that are worth paying for that enhanced and improve conditions on earth, the worth of which, and the pricing of which, is not always so straightforward and easy to estimate, or for which assignment of value is a subjective thing, yet which certainly must be considered as part of our “total wealth”. At any rate, in microeconomics, when we are talking about an individual or a firm, spending is the depletion of the firm’s or individual’s wealth. In the macroeconomy, spending is just the transfer of ownership of money and does not represent a depletion of wealth.

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