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They made me an outside manufacturing coordinator. Which meant I was the bad guy who kicked our vendor’s asses when they were late with our stuff. It was fun but stressful. I was at the mercy of broken down machines, incompetent parts handlers and Taiwanese wafer shortages. (don’t ask) They soon hired two more people to work with me. I trained them from scratch but I found out they were both hired at double my salary. The payroll people mis queued a salary report to my personal printer (oops).

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I worked for a furniture company for 16 years. We were bought by another company and assured that “our jobs were safe”. This other company flew in their customer service manager and she immediately took a dislike to me. Her company, if a piece was received damaged, would just replace it. Not so with our company, we would have the piece returned and repaired. When I heard her on the phone with a customer telling them we would send a replacement on one of our highest priced sectionals, I frantically got up from my seat and went to her telling her “ no you can’t do that “.

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Long story short she had me fired. Even after my general manager flew on his own dime to convince the other company to keep me. 3 months later, I found out that this manager went to lunch and upon her return, the HR manager was waiting at the door for her with her belongings and fired her on the spot. Not long after that, her boss was also fired. Karma can be so sweet at times! Was sent off for training once, I was eighteen and this week long training was a requirement of the job. There was a man there that was about 26, he was kind of cute and so I flirted when I got the chance. He seemed interested and so I mentioned I planned on going to the hotel hot tub after dinner since it was our last night. He said he might see me there.

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That evening I went to the pool area and he was already there sitting in the hot tub. I joined him and we had a lot of naughty chat as a family was finishing up in the pool for the night. He asked if I thought we could get away with a little more fun once they left. I told him I’m sure we could and reached over to start stroking him. Once the pool was empty I positioned myself on his lap, we began making out and he slid my swim suit to the side. I sat down further and he pushed himself inside me. As I bounced up and down we heard the pool door shut as the maintenance man walked in. I was frozen and didn’t move.

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Warning I am a big fan of Mickey Mouse and proud of it shirt

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The maintenance man just tipped his hat, said ‘Hola’ grabbed something and quickly left. So we went back to it. Continued flirting the next day before we all had to fly back home, saw each other in the airport and smiled at each other then never spoke to him again. I cant say that I’ve been speechless as much as infuriated and never wanting to see her again. I caught her spreading rumors/lies about me on multiple occasions. At the time I was also dealing with twins that just graduated high school, a job loss, and my son moving 1800 miles away.. needless to say I was already a mess and needed support not, lies being spread about me.

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I confronted my boss and he lied to me about it. Johnny quit the company and my friend Gary was soon fired. My boss moved me back downstairs to the production floor to supervise two of the worst employees in the company. Suzette and Robert. Suzette was the biggest jabberjaw 35 year old dungeons and dragons girl on the planet. She was ADD, incompetent and annoying as hell everything she touched turned to shit. Robert was an alcoholic habitual drunk driver, woe is me, cry baby who was wearing an ankle monitor…he had to go to the courthouse daily to take an anti drinking pill. Without a car…so he was gone quite a bit thankfully.

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