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In comes the one with attitude who saw my mother and just assumed she would be next as she saw herself as second to my mother by time working there and she got rude at me that she “needed” a cigarette so I would have to go back outside and wait to have my break. I refused and said that I legally was entitled to my break as I had worked longer into the shift and that it was not my fault my mother saw me first. She stormed off and reported me to the restaurant manager who called us both aside after the shift and gave out to me for not having respect for older staff members.

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My manager just did not like me. No matter what I did, it was not good enough. He always found fault. He was constantly trying to find an excuse to terminate me. Once, he had to travel out of town, and he called every day, 3 times a day to make sure I was at my desk. He literally called at 8:00, 1:00, and 4:55 each day. His constant complaints to HR finally led them to tell him that we were in an ‘at will’ state, and he did not need a reason to terminate me. Thursday morning around 9:30 am, on July 3rd, he called me into his office and gave every sorry excuse under the sun as a reason. I shot each reason down.

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He told me I should pack up my things and leave. I calmly told him that I will leave when he gives me a valid reason for terminating me. He looked me square in the eye with an ‘eat shit’ grin and said, “because I can, now please leave.” I responded thank you, went to my desk and gathered what few items I had, and quietly left the building. On my way out, our CFO stopped me and said hello. I explained to him that I had just been terminated and wished him a Happy 4th of July. He looked stunned and offered his apologies. I looked at him, smiled, and said,’…dont’ be.

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I’m going to have a wonderful 4th of July!” I went home, where my fiance (who was off for the week) and his mother were waiting. She looked at me and saw the box in my hand. She asked what happened, and I explained the situation to her. I went to my bedroom, changed clothes, and grabbed my keys. They looked at me and asked, “…where are you going?” “I responded, “tomorrow is July 4th, and we need food for our cookout!” That Monday, I filed for unemployment and enjoyed 4 day weeks. I would travel to visit my mother and had wonderful weekends.

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I found a new job so quickly, I was disappointed. It was wonderful living a life without a dark cloud hanging over me, without feeling inadequate and like a failure. My old boss loved making people miserable and would joke about it. About 6 months later, a former co-worker called and told me that my old boss had been terminated, but had to remain at the company to help the auditors. Apparently, he had been reporting different numbers to state and federal agencies, and it caught up with him.

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Wanna smoke alpaca bowl vintage shirt

The feds originally wanted to file suit against the company, but further investigation found that the fraud was all on my boss. In addition, my former boss’ son had been arrested on vandalism charges! All I could do was laugh! I knew he fired me because he was an ass. I was too much of a coward to resign. He had no idea what a tremendous favor he gave me, and what bad karma he laid on himself! My parents had a small home business, and one day a woman came by holding an infant, looking for my parents. I told her they weren’t home, but she was welcome to wait as they had mentioned she would be by. I’ll call her Sylvia.

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I told my version of events but was given the same response, leading to the other waitress smirking. I looked them both straight in the eye and stated that if they wanted to make a deal of it, they would regret it as I would go through the government allocated services for such who would be very interested to know about Ms State benefits working long term under the counter. I never saw people’s expressions change so quickly. I cited the laws she was breaking and reminded them that as a student studying business studies, I knew business law and how the hotel and the individual would be in trouble. I reminded both that I worked a longer shift and I was legally entitled to a break, ms benefits was not and went about my day.

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