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Anyways, as a former elementary school boy, the best way to get them to stop calling you a specific name is to pretend it doesn’t bother you, and imply that its a dumb insult. If their insults don’t get a rise out of you they won’t bother to make them. Protecting her from her drunk abusive husband while her children watched him try to attack her. Once I “put him in his room” I turned on my aunt and cousins because I realized this had been happening for so many years. It only stopped when they allowed me to live with them. He was scared of me for some reason even though I was 110lbs wet and 5′6 and he was 220 6′2.( I am editing this to make it clear I was scared but hid it very well. I am no hero.) It never happened again because he died of alcoholism. That crap doesn’t fly around me.

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I was in Sainsbury’s in London waiting for the ex to come out of the mens. He came out absolutely raging! I couldn’t understand what had happened in the three minutes he’d been gone. He said (as an older man came out of the toilet ). One day he noticed the book I was reading and asked me about it. I explained it was from a series of books called “Tara Duncan”. He told me he had been looking for these books but they were not available at the library, so I offered to lend him my books, as I had the whole collection (12 books, one of my fav book series!). We became very good friends.

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Viking dad just like a normal dad but much cooler shirt

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Both my best friends (Chloe and Vicky) didn’t know him that much, but after I moved away to another city, somehow they met. I was really happy because I realised that him and Vicky also had a lot in common and they would be perfect together. So I started doing the matchmaker from a long distance. And it worked! They started dating and I was so happy. They dated for about 2 years. We had a group chat with Chloe and Vicky and both their boyfriends. A private Facebook group where we would share stupid pictures and funny articles we would find. When I came to visit we would all meet up.

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He told us (I was in another country at that time, so it was all via texts) that the brothers of the 2-month girl were mad at him and that’s why he couldn’t be with Vicky. That he had to step away for a bit. Then he told me that they had threatened her, taking pictures of her house to show Alex they knew where she lived. I was crazy worried for a safety, and for his safety as well. In February (so about 3 months of him telling us they were both in danger and after 3 months of Vicky and I trying to find solutions) he told us they had beaten him up and he was at the hospital with a broken arm. I cried. I considered him my best friend too. I felt horrible, not being able to help.

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Everyone was so sorry for Vicky. Me too, of course. She had been cheated on and lied to, it’s the worst thing to do in a relationship. Everyone was asking about her, about how she felt. Nobody asked me. Alex had betrayed me, too. He lied to me, too. Made me worry for him and Vicky while I was miles away. Loyalty means everything to me. He had been disloyal. I was hurt beyond words. Around April of that same year, him and Vicky had started talking again. He was still dating the other girl, but at least this time he was honest about it. Vicky didn’t want to get back to him, she just wanted closure. She asked me to talk to him too. She told me it would help her. That he wanted to talk to me too. I said no. No way.

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Scary? Can’t say there are any, reality is what we make it and you can choose to take it in any way you want. Focus on things that are better for your soul, and fight the things that hurt others, makes for better picture taking. I never realized this as a child but my mother was a very cruel narcissistic person. When I decided to marry a woman I met in college my mother started disrespecting her right out of the gate. My mother would often verbally jab my wife over ridiculous little things.The last straw was one day when my mother was at my house. My son had been born three months earlier and was colic. We did not understand this and his constant crying and not eating and really put my wife on edge. In retrospect I would say she was emotionally fragile because of the situation.

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