United States Marine Corps blood inside shirt

In fact usually even my mom herself does that too if she sees me come out with all of them buttoned up. So in my experience girls don’t like it all buttoned up, and honestly, it is a little uncomfortable too with most shirts, and I say so as a guy who half the United States Marine Corps blood inside shirt besides I will buy this times wears it all buttoned up “by accident”. I’m not a girl but I am an also a college guy, who always (many times) buttons up everything, simply because I get lost in the process and just systematically button up every button there is to be buttoned (the conscious part of my brain just shuts down when I do “boring” stuff such as dressing, that’s part of the reason why I’m a mess probably) But I end up with the first one or two unbuttoned which is what I actually like, how? Because a female friend at some point in the night/day/party/whatever sees me and takes those two buttons off. 

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