Turtle Yoga posture shirt

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The driver of the vehicle that almost hit Turtle Yoga posture shirt Peaches, a very pleasant woman, actually stopped, and we both watched in amusement while this idiot tried to call the police with one hand and contain the writhing, snapping, snarling Peaches in the other. The woman and I talked about the differences between good and bad pet owners, her yellow lab, and what a good dog Bradley was while the guy tried to explain to the dispatcher on the phone what happened over the continued barking and snarling of Peaches.Bradley, to his credit, quickly lost interest in the goings on, found a soft patch of grass and showed some belly, because everybody knows that good dogs get belly rubs, and Bradley was a good dog. That’s how the cop found us when he arrived on the scene; me and the woman rubbing a disinterested Bradley’s belly, and Peaches still going bat shit crazy in her irate owner’s arms.Needless to say, the officer was not impressed with the guy’s flagrant disregard to leash laws (we have those here), his inability to control his dog, or his insistence that I be arrested for animal cruelty. The cop saw it as I did; had I not kicked Peaches, Bradley might have bit her in two, killing her, putting me in the possible position of having to put my “vicious” dog to sleep for killing another animal. The way the officer saw it, I did both myself and the irresponsible owner a favor and saved both of our dogs lives. The cop let me and the kind woman go on our ways and preceded to write the owner a couple or three citations.Would I have kicked Peaches if I hadn’t been walking Bradley? I don’t know, possibly. But I certainly would have been within my rights. Could you have attacked me for kicking Peaches had you been the owner? Certainly, but you would have not been within your rights, and would have gone to jail for assault and probably had your dog sent to the pound as well.

Turtle Yoga posture shirt

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