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My husband grew up without his dad. His dad disappeared when my husband was two, and isn’t that knowledgeable in “car stuff”. I handle all negotiations with that sort of thing. I grew up around cars and my father is a former mechanic/salesman/Mr. Fix It extraordinaire. He taught me a great deal about those specific areas and it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable to deal with these things and what my husband doesn’t know, I very well may, so it all works out and both my husband and I are cool with that switching of roles.

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Then, he started having problems paying his share of the rent. In fact, entire months would pass with me being the only one paying rent and he would give excuses that his employer wasn’t paying him on time. I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship, but I let him know that it was an unfair burden on me to have to cover 100% of the rent, even though he was working. He also began letting his friends come and stay at our place, often for weeks at a time and they weren’t paying rent either. More than once, I had to tell him to have his friend move out, if they wouldn’t help with rent or other bills. His friends were typically people who had been kicked-out of their own apartment for not paying rent there either.

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I had strong suspicions that he was stealing money out of my wallet, usually about $5 or $10 at a time. I had a job where I made good tips and often had cash in my wallet. I noticed that money wouldn’t “go missing” from my wallet if I put it away in my bedroom, instead of leaving it in the living room, so my suspicions were somewhat confirmed. One day, he called me in a panic. He had a family emergency and needed to catch a flight to California because his sister (who I had known from the day she was born) was in a hospital on life support. I loaned him the money for a plane ticket and he flew out that night.

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I went through his room and found a flight itinerary. He hadn’t gone to California to see his sister, he had gone to Disney World in Florida with his girlfriend, with a stop in California to attend a Star Trek convention afterward. The departure date/time matched exactly the night he had flown-out. I also knew the scheduled date of his return. Needless to say, I felt betrayed. I had loved him like a brother and his sisters like my own. For him to lie to me just for a trip with his girlfriend was the ultimate slap in the face, especially since he still owed me for several months of rent.

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Trolls world tour shirt

I called his boss to ask when he was expected to return. To my shock, I was informed that he was no longer employed there and hadn’t been for months. This explained his not paying rent and why he would steal money from me. I then called his girlfriend’s parents to find out what they knew. They told me that the trip to Disney World had been planned for months, so it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision on his part. They had paid for his plane ticket and the hotel room, so the money I had given him was just for spending money.

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We looked at a few used car lots and found one that would work with us. I picked out a 2010 Mazda 6 Grand Touring in this beautiful shade of grayish slate blue. We drove it until the summer of 2017. Drove like a dream, snow was no issue, mechanically and structurally sound, and no rust, which was rare for a car from Pennsylvania. In the time we had the car, we put a new exhaust on it (nothing wrong with it, I just wanted to open her up a bit more), $350 in 4 new tires, brand new $80 Interstate battery, brand new headlight bulbs and because it was also inspection/emissions time, we put out money for that and new stickers.

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