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After hearing Hayes rape his wife and one of the brutes say it will all be over soon Petit managed to break free from his bonds, realising they were going to kill the whole family. William managed to crawl to a neighbour’s home with his feet still tied, but was unable to get help in time to save his daughters. After learning of the sentence overturn, the devastated dad added. The insult is compounded by a Supreme Court that rules on not one but two cases, based on personal opinions and politics and not the law. Especially if you’re from Europe or Asia, I can’t explain to you just how dangerous some neighbourhoods in South Africa can be. Unless it’s in broad daylight and a local has specifically told you that a certain area is safe, avoid it at all costs, no matter how safe it looks. You can go from a “safe” tourist area into a dangerous ghetto in just 2 streets. Also don’t expect to “hang out” around town or explore on foot. Unfortunately, this is a place where you get into your car and drive where you want to be, then afterwards drive back home.

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Tractor farm life vintage shirt

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If you’re coming here to visit Cape Town or Johannesburg, there are probably much nicer, more accommodating and safer cities you could visit as a tourist elsewhere. I would 100% recommend coming for a visit and exploring our beautiful nature, going on wildlife safaris, hanging out on the beach, surfing, hiking our majestic mountains in a group, camping, looking at Boesman drawings and breathing in the fresh, unpolluted African air. We have some of the best weather and best natural beauty in the world. But our cities are dangerous and they’re a mess, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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