Tina Burgers QuaranTina protective clothing shirt

I was not virgin at that point of time. I had physical relationship with my gf during engineering and then with my senior for almost a year till she got married. I said yes to her as there was no harm to me and more importantly I needed that on-site opportunity as I am from middle class family riddled with many loans. She had wheatish complexion, slim. Height was about 5 ft 4 inches. She was divorcee and had a daughter who was staying with her father at that point of time. She always used to wear saree or punjabi dress.

Some people call me a news reporter the most important call me dad shirt

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Tina Burgers QuaranTina protective clothing shirt

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Never saw her in t shirt or jeans. First time when I went to her home, it was awkward. It was Saturday, we spent it to become comfortable to the level I could call her by her name and cuddle on couch while watching tv. While cuddling I noticed that her assets were not much inviting. She had small boo*s, not much flesh on a$$. Totally opposite of two ladies I had previously. I was bit worried about my performance as even while we cuddled little Johny didn’t wake up. After dinner things got bit spiced up as she came out wearing almost transparent top and short. We started making out on the couch. She was taking everything slowly whereas I always had wild encounters previously. I tried to remove her clothes but she refused.

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