The devil whispered bring Tacos shirt

Life those 5 months passed like it could have been a dream, working as a resident and after the shift ended, retreating to our room in the doctors quarters and sweaty lusty raunchy sex. Best 5 months ever with the most glorious sex, till we both finished our posts, she then married her bf and moved to Toronto, I left that hospital, joined another, then moved on, found someone amazing, got married and life went on.

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The devil whispered bring Tacos shirt

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This was 20 years back, We never ever connected after that, we never had a civil conversation about ourselves during our hookup, it was just animal instincts, never got to know her as a person, till we connected in 2011 briefly when she was visiting with her husband and her kid and I took them for dinner with my better half, but the spark was still there.

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