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I say I’m alright, thank you ma’am. She says I can take a seat at the island while I wait. I sit down, and she’s on the other side still standing. She starts asking the normal parent questions, how long I’ve known Emma, to which I say three years as we had met in high school, she asks what my plans are after high school, I say that I’m getting a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management and wanted to work in Human Resources. After hearing this, she actually began to warm up to me and “seemed” really nice.

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I had a great job for about seven years. It started out great and I was an entry-level employee on the worst shift possible. My work and skill were recognized with promotions and raises, even a transfer to a project which was the gateway to a position in regional management, a job that would take me out of the retail world of nights, weekends, and holidays with benefits that would have set up a nice career and life for my family.

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At the end of the project, however, the numbers they ran to measure our success were analyzed and found lacking. After a year of work, my upward trajectory stalled and I was forced to relocate back to the store where I was hired. I took a job as an assistant branch manager in an area of operations I didn’t exactly enjoy or perform well in. On top of that, the store had turned over most positions and I knew very few people or their abilities. My boss was someone who took my failure on the big project as a sign I wasn’t as big a deal as people told him and so began treating me like shit.

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I was depressed about it, unhappy with my job, but motivated to stay and work at it because my wife had become pregnant. But every month, it just got worse. I hated waking up on work days. Every few weeks it seems by “regular schedule” would change. We went to some ridiculous 10-hour days that were broken into first and second shifts. I put in for jobs at the regional office that I knew I could do well, but I was never interviewed. Eventually, the regional office laid off most of its staff sending a message that office locations would be suffering the same “belt-tightening”.

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The best kind of mom raises a social worker shirt

It got to the point all the employees either didn’t like me or trust me. And it was a fair assessment. I wasn’t fair or impartial or even competent. It was a rough pregnancy at home and I wasn’t prepared for the temp job I’d been assigned. If I had the savings tied up or could count on unemployment upon quitting, I would have left, but we lived paycheck to paycheck and I was nothing more than a shell of a human being coming to work, speaking in business terminology, hemorrhaging business because morale in the store was an open wound.

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She then asked Emma where exactly we were going, she says to the movies, mom wants to know the exact theater, Emma doesn’t know but I had already pulled up the address on my phone so I passed that on to mom, she asks what movie we were seeing (I really don’t remember what movie, some PG-13 comedy), movie starts at 5:30, so mom said Emma was to be home by 8. No later. That was the first weird thing to me, I understood wanting the address but being home by 8? The movie would most likely end 20 minutes before that.

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