Surviving social distancing one row at a time shirt

Little time passed & anytime we went shopping oh wow how weird there’s maintenance guy. There was laundry in building that had to use key to get into room. Found some of our wet clothes on top of table while rest still in washer. Okay odd but wtf oh well. I started to notice I had less & less panties coming back. Still we were like you need a key & who would take them. When I had only 3 pair left I knew someone was taking them. Husband the kids & I moved few weeks later thankfully. I was young hormonal wreck & knowing the maintenance guy was my stalker that stole basically all my damn panties I was a tad freaked out. After I left he never stopped by if they were on balcony.

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I had a great job for about seven years. It started out great and I was an entry-level employee on the worst shift possible. My work and skill were recognized with promotions and raises, even a transfer to a project which was the gateway to a position in regional management, a job that would take me out of the retail world of nights, weekends, and holidays with benefits that would have set up a nice career and life for my family.

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Surviving social distancing one row at a time shirt

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At the end of the project, however, the numbers they ran to measure our success were analyzed and found lacking. After a year of work, my upward trajectory stalled and I was forced to relocate back to the store where I was hired. I took a job as an assistant branch manager in an area of operations I didn’t exactly enjoy or perform well in. On top of that, the store had turned over most positions and I knew very few people or their abilities. My boss was someone who took my failure on the big project as a sign I wasn’t as big a deal as people told him and so began treating me like shit.

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I was depressed about it, unhappy with my job, but motivated to stay and work at it because my wife had become pregnant. But every month, it just got worse. I hated waking up on work days. Every few weeks it seems by “regular schedule” would change. We went to some ridiculous 10-hour days that were broken into first and second shifts. I put in for jobs at the regional office that I knew I could do well, but I was never interviewed. Eventually, the regional office laid off most of its staff sending a message that office locations would be suffering the same “belt-tightening”.

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It got to the point all the employees either didn’t like me or trust me. And it was a fair assessment. I wasn’t fair or impartial or even competent. It was a rough pregnancy at home and I wasn’t prepared for the temp job I’d been assigned. If I had the savings tied up or could count on unemployment upon quitting, I would have left, but we lived paycheck to paycheck and I was nothing more than a shell of a human being coming to work, speaking in business terminology, hemorrhaging business because morale in the store was an open wound.

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I joined the Army in 1980 and took a lot of flack for it. It was still the post-Vietnam era and while not as bad as the 70’s, the military as a whole and the Army in particular were not well thought of and were not considered desirable career options. The military was thought by many to be the ‘job of last resort’. It wasn’t me, and it wasn’t a parrot, it was a macaw. Back in 6th grade a student brought the bird into class, I don’t remember why. He did tell us that if we were really quiet the bird would sometimes emit a piercing screech that sounded just like the stereotypical wolf whistle for a pretty girl.

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