St Patrick’s day Mickey mouse Disney castle shirt

I have a Background as a Chef ad F&B mgmt and was often asked to help out at such Partys,, I even had the day off and said I would come in and set up a conferance room for her Farewell Party (over 100 People were going to come) In the end I ended up not only Setting it all up, but serving drinking making sure platters of Food were refilled ( she had the event catered, but no Servers etc) So I spent About 10 Hours there. At the time she was grateful, and said I could take anything I wanted that was left over. It was a friday she was tipsy and went home and was going to return Saturday for the cleaning up.

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St Patrick’s day Mickey mouse Disney castle shirt

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I tidyed up Things and took her word for for it and took a couple bottles of wine and champayne that were left, and some unopened Snack items. I asked if she if help was needed on Saturday. she said no. Some of the other co-workers saw me carry out the items, I commented, she said I could have them. Obviously she forgot that she said that to me, when someone mentioned seeing me carrying out a box of items.. And exploded saying after all the years or working together and all that she did for me at work (?) I should have the gall to steal from her!

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