Skillet 2020 pandemic Covid 19 in case of emergency shirt

He came home after a long work day, and I had just finished preparing dinner. He casually said, while eating dinner and watching ESPN, “So I changed my mind. I don’t want kids. I don’t have time for you or especially the dog, and so I wouldn’t have time for kids. So I’m just letting you know, I’ve changed my mind.” My heart sank. I was speechless. I got angry.

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My in laws were divorced and I was never angry at his father. His mother though hated me when I moved here. She called me names and judged me before getting to know me. She was also a Sunday school teacher. I don’t care for people that pretend to be one way and act another. I guess you could say I tolerated her and was nice to her until she seen I was a good person who cares about her son and his kids. She loves me now. The inlaws from my first husband, not real angry. 

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Skillet 2020 pandemic Covid 19 in case of emergency shirt

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He tried to tell me one time I was embarrassing my four year old by picking him up and carrying him home because he was throwing a fit and didn’t want to go. I just told him if the way my son was acting didn’t embarrass him, my carrying him off wouldn’t either. He never said anything like that again.I loved them, they were great. Don’t choose a ToDo application. For instance, take your favorite hobby and build an application for it. It doesn’t need to be a full fledged application. If you like mathematics, implement a calculator. Start small.

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I believe I responded with..”Wait….what? Ever? And what do you mean by you don’t have time for me or especially the dog?!!” His response after that was just so calm and matter of fact, that he just repeated himself about not having time for me and especially the dog. Yeah I got that part. Apparently I rank lower than the dog. We ended up in a huge argument, and he didn’t understand why I was upset.

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