Roger Bender Homer Simpson Rick Sanchez and BoJack Horseman friends est 2020 shirt

To finish this we ended up at a McDonalds when we walked in they assumed we were raped and hurt because the way we looked my hair was all tangled messy makeup same thing as Tina. They gave us free frys and apparently called a ambulance. We go to the hospital tell them what happend, but they do a rape kit on us anyway lucking I had put a tampon in no I was not on my period ( it was my way if I didnt want to have sex with someone I would put a tampon in, are parents came.

Cow If you really love animals stop eating them shirt

Leopard sunflower stay out of my bubble shirt

Roger Bender Homer Simpson Rick Sanchez and BoJack Horseman friends est 2020 shirt

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The Pittsburgh Steelers 87th anniversary 1933-2020 signatures thank you for the memories shirt

I became a mask maker because your life is worth my time shirt

I have been driving for Dominos during the shut down. We are busier than usual. It seems that everyone who might otherwise eat out is ordering food brought to their homes. The store is just down the street from a couple of grocery stores and several restaurants that have been able to stay open, so traffic is a heavy as usual. I live in an area where the virus has not spread very badly. Dominos has a policy that all deliveries must be no contact, but most customers either don’t know or don’t care about it. When I get to someone’s home, I often don’t know if they will be staying inside until I leave their food on the porch, or if they will meet me at the door with a cash tip in hand.

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