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Why would he want to see me in boxers? once I hopped out of the car and walked into the house he told me one more time to go put on the underwear he bought me. He said if I didn’t say yes I would get spanked by all my brothers. So I did as he asked and came out of my room wearing a white undershirt, plaid boxers and white ankle socks. He said “good now let’s go for a walk outside”. I began to cry. They wanted to embarrass me in public. I had to say yes and do what he asked so I walked out of the house in my socks and walked 5 laps around the block as he recorded me. People would stare and chuckle at the sight of me being in my last layer of clothing.

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So 40-something years ago, when my aunt got married, my great grandmother gave her a dining room table as a present. It was the one her father (my great great grandfather) had given to her. It’s this old beautiful table and it had a bunch of leaves so you could extend it. My aunt loved this table, but their first house was to small to fit it in. So she asked my grandmother to store it. Anyway, time goes on and my grandmother moves the table into her “big room” (basically the room for when you have company) and the family eats at it at family gatherings. My aunt is a little peeved my gma did this without asking but lets it go since she couldn’t use it at least the family can enjoy it.

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This had been a sore spot for years. I had no idea. We are every holiday meal around that table add a family. Grandad made extra leaves for the table as the family grew. i learned dominoes from my grandparents at that table. I had tea parties with cousins at that able. Then when i was about 24, we were planning how to set up the big room for a holiday. One of my aunts called the table my grandma’s and since no one in my family has a poker face, i knew something was wrong. I asked my mom and another aunt later what happened. They were surprised i didn’t know. You miss a lot when your one of the youngest grandkids.

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Time goes on. My great grandmother told my gma to give it to my aunt a few times, but grandma had never been a great listener. I love her to death, but she really likes to get her way. So sometimes it was “i don’t remember your grandma giving it to you.” Sometimes “grandma definitely gave it to me, i mean, i am her daughter.” And sometimes it was “your house is too filthy to put that table in” (i love my aunt to, she’s creative and fun but also a hoarder like on the shows).

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Realtor survived Covid-19 2020 shirt

Wasn’t other people, it happened to me. I was in the garage where I work talking to a friend. I was asking him if he could lend me a thousand dollars, he said sure . But under one condition I said sure what was it, he told me he wanted a BJ I agreed. So here I was on my knees giving him what he wanted, just as he was blowing a load in my mouth the boss walked in. The boss said that’s what I thought you were and if you don’t want me to tell anyone. He was just pulling it out and said I had to do him as well, not that I minded it’s that know I have to do him 2 or 3 times a week or whatever he calls me. Top it off I don’t get anything from him, just a month full to keep him quiet.

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He just stood there and stared at me. I was almost done shopping for clothes when he suddenly came up to me and asked me if I needed new underwear. I said “oh yeah I forgot” and went to the underwear section and threw in sum Hanes boxers, socks and undershirts. He laughed and told me it was a good choice. I was confused but we went to go pay and went home. All my brothers were laughing inside the car and I didn’t know why. My older brother then told me I had to change into the underwear I had got once we arrived home so he could see how they fit me. I was confused.

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