Rainbow I’m over it shirt

My boss at the time continued to punish me for a few months, and her boyfriend told me that it was bc she was still angry with me. Ok…I went and talked to her generally just to smooth things over and in non-specific terms, never mentioning what I had learned. She said there was no problem and she had no idea where I could even get such an idea…well, it’s bc you’ve been yelling at me and throwing me under the bus and publicly ridiculing me in front of other managers, directors, VPs, and execs for 4 months….

One world together at home Global Citizen shirt

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For several days, I got it out and rolled it all over the kitchen table watching in awe as I broke it up and shoved it back together again – over and over. In college, I had a 4.9 GPA in science while working full time as a physical chemistry technician. Given how much brain damage mercury causes, I laughingly wonder if I actually could have been a genius if not for my temporary toy. But seriously, he should have known better.

Sick and Tide of this rona shirt

Rainbow I’m over it shirt

I’m not afraid of quarantine I just need to listen to Backstreet Boys shirt

Another driver ran a red light and hit the driver’s side of my dad’s car going maybe 50 mph. Luckily both of them survived, but my dad’s head hit the window and he was knocked out cold for a few minutes. If he had been going a little bit faster, the other driver would’ve hit the door and my dad would’ve probably died.

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Hurt my daughter or my son not even God can save you from my wrath shirt

However, that scenario will just stay in my thoughts and will never come out of my mouth. It is not for me to reprimand that person and it is not me who will remind her to be thoughtful. And i have no right to tell her what is he/she is wrong.Let the proper authorities do what is necassary.

Tiger if you kick me when I’m down you better pray I don’t get up shirt

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Back in the 60’s I was in elementary school and went to the pediatrician for an annual exam. While he was taking my blood pressure, the tower thingy full of mercury fell over and broke, spilling the silvery liquid all over the table. I was fascinated. So, he scooped it up, put it in an envelope and gave it to me to take home. Looking back, I guess it was 1 to 2 tablespoons of the stuff. 

Green Bay Packers mask 2020 the year when shit got real quarantined shirt

When I was a less than a year old my mom’s sister decided to call CPS on my parents. My aunt had already hated my mom and after she had four sons and three grandsons while hoping for a girl, my mom’s second child and my dads first was a daughter. She claimed my parents were abusing me and my half brother(who was 10 at the time). CPS came in and investigated the house and my parents. They questioned my parents, their neighbors, my brother, my brothers dad, and my moms side of the family(they lived multiple states away from my dads side so they never talked to them during the investigation). Their neighbors all said my parents were good people and would never hurt me or my brother. My brother kept telling them that they never hurt either of us but they only listened to my brothers dad and my moms side of the family.

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