Proud to be an American I’m living in Wisconsin shirt

I know somewhere deep down, we still hope. We cling to the Proud to be an American I’m living in Wisconsin shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this promises of being loved as much as we love. How do you find love again when you realize something is dead inside you related to love? Maybe it is a curse, bound to never know of the love we give. So we drift in reality, we forsake our dreams and ourselves, because our life is filled with futility. I think, it is not consolation we need, it is to be shown, that we are not alone, that there are people like us out there, so pure at heart , they will make you cry. We are selfish, we look to fill the voids in ourselves first, it is human nature. But is there people with a selfishness that doesn’t hurt others, a selfishness justified. Truth is a belief. Its a religion in it’s own. How do i find my place, in a reality that is tearing apart my soul and the beliefs in my core. Everything is ephemeral, but i long for the eternal. Is it madness, to be wanting something so intangible? If you relate to this, it is probably because the relationships you share lack intimacy. Not a physical one, but an emotional one. Building truly intimate relationships particularly hard because people are often so caught up with their own needs and exigencies. But the funny thing about intimacy is that like love, happiness and sadness, there is nothing tangible about it. So it is meant to be shared and felt, it is energy in the form of deeper emotional connection. True intimacy may look like a vulnerability, but with the right people, I believe it is one of the purest form of connection you can have with anybody. But remember that it is something to be nurtured, especially if you are surrounded by people who don’t consider intimacy to be a thing. It’s really an awkward situation, if it happened because love is the only thing which hurts you the most. But if I was on our place then I definitely for once confess to my love about my love. Has your hubby ever tasted the love juices of you and your lovers after they finished inside you? Do you think it would’ve been hot if he did?

Proud to be an American I'm living in Wisconsin shirt

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