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Not much change my older siblings had already reached the summit ,me being number 6 to the throne ,it meant there were no bells and whistles to usher in the big day ,more than 40 years later I think therapy is what I need, tell me what you think please. Sob sob!!! The second thing to remember is that sometimes people look at repair bills and compare them to the current value of the car. When a big repair hits a 6-year-old car, for example, it might be a large percentage of that value.

Going beyond those two points, there are a couple other factors that must be considered. First is RUST. Once a car starts showing rust, it is on its last legs. Not only does it look bad, but it probably indicates STRUCTURAL problems that impact a car’s safety. Also, body shops don’t want to be bothered repairing rust problems. The customer is never satisfied because the rust always comes back. Finally, European luxury cars, when they get old, can have enormous repair bills for relatively minor items. Replacing shocks/struts can run thousands of dollars. Electronic problems with the dashboard and windows are the same. So if you are inclined to drive cars “until the wheels fall off,” Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Porsche are definitely not the way to go. (Which is why they are so cheap after the warranty runs out).

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