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Kay is a very gentle woman. A true motherly sort who would avoid any conflict at all costs-even when her husband broke Rose’s news to her. Of course she cried a river. But, not at all, for her to retaliate against the husband. Her strong support teaching her about the art of war has been her mother-in-law, my mother. My mum was the one who taught Kay what to say to the husband, how to express her anger about his second marriage and all that. With all the tactics and scripts to say under what conditions to demonstrate frustration, Kay and Rose nonetheless became friends in less than six months.

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I worked third shift, and I was rudely awakened by a knock on my door. It was a cop who had a few questions for me. He asked if I had heard gunshots during the night. I explained that I work third shift, so I wasn’t home to hear anything. He took my info and thanked me for my time. Later in the day, I discovered the man who lived directly below me and been beaten, stabbed multiple times and shot. Hello everyone, this is sercet of my life which I regret the most but now there is nothing which I can do to remove it from my life.I am 24 years old and I had been in relationship with a married woman (who is maid of our neighbours) for some time in the past.

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It all started one day when she was going to her workplace and I am standing in front of my house.I don’t know what happened when she passed in front of me, she kept looking at me.I thought its normal and don’t pay much attention.But when she returned,I was still there and she again done the same.Then I reliazed that she is interested in me. Wow! A beautiful 30 years woman with amazing figure wants me.Thats a amazing feeling and then I started standing in front of my house everyday and keep staring at her when she goes and comes back.After few days finally,she said hello to me and our conversation started. Then whenever I got chance I used to talk to her.

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Then we have to shift from that house to another house . As she was maid so I thought of helping her with the belongings like old clothes,other stuff .So I went to her workplace and told her that we are shifting and I want to give her some stuff which will be useful to her . She said okay and we exchanged our phone numbers so that she will call me when she will be free from work. Then she called me and told me that she will come in evening . So in evening she came,called me and I took her to my house and showed her all the belongings which I want to give to her and provided her with cold drink.

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So now at that point of time I was very confused that should I tell her that I noticed her from first day? If I want to tell,how to tell then?So I got a idea in my mind. I would simply ask her that as we are leaving this place so may we meet again,may not .So I want to hug you and kiss you on lips.If she said yes,It means she is interested in me and if not then I am thinking wrong about her.So,I asked her for hug and kiss and she rejected at once but don’t know why I thought she is just shying, so begged her for same for one minute and she smiled and said okay for one time and she hugged me . It is first time in my life. I took her lips in my lips and closed eyes to feel the moment.

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Things went well for Rose who had taken over the throne in the house at that stage. She had a nice time bossing around and changing her Instagram status whenever she decided to say something mean about the girls in the house who hate her to the guts and she knows it well. It was a warm , sunny day and the step mother enjoyed her time until a text message came out of the blue telling her to leave the house immediately or she’d be in trouble. It was my mum’s. My mum was inadvertently informed about the situation. Kay didn’t even want to meet mum because she didn’t want disputes. But she was the one who whined about Rose.

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