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If I wasn’t moving or moving quickly enough, he would threaten to throw whichever sibling was the youngest at that point down the stairs too. Once he had had his fill, he would lock me down there for a few hours, and I could do nothing but think of the horrible things he was doing to my siblings. If you’re talking about your mother touching your private parts the answer is no. If that’s the case ask her to stop. It’s unacceptable behavior. If she does not do so you could call your local County’s Child Protective Services and ask to talk with a case worker. You could tell them about it and ask them for help in dealing with your mother.

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My girlfriend at the time got me into crossdressing. She dared me to walk a city block, downtown during lunch hour with a short skirt, no panties! Just garter belt & hose underneath. So there i was. Wig on, big fake tips, tight top, mini skirt, garters, hose, no panties & makeup on. She let me out at stoplight. Of course I had to stand on the corner like a hooked before the light changed for me to cross & fulfill my dare! Walking slowly because not being use to wearing heels. I made my way down the block. Getting lots of stares from people knowing that my ass cheeks were just visible Below the skirt.

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I get to the end & wait for about 5 minutes before she finally pulls up & let’s me in. Laughing out load! Couldn’t believe I’d go thru with it! Whish we had taken pics, but unfortunately didn’t. Would have lived to have my pic taken ,while dressed like that, under this sign for vacuum repair place. Sign read, “ doesn’t suck! We can fix that!” One of my relatives, a farmer, once came home to find that the farmhouse had been broken into. He went round the house quickly, and the only items that were missing were his rifle and the ammo (like most farmers, he had a gun – and a gun permit. He was a WW2 vet so he knew how to shoot too).

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The message was from my uncle, and it ran: ‘I’ve broken into your home and stolen your gun, and tonight I’m going to come back and shoot you with your own gun’. My uncle was probably planning to stage the murder like a suicide (farmers are one of the profession with the highest incidence of suicide in France – bankruptcies galore, and it the lenders repossess the farm, they lose their home as their well as their business) but as you can tell from the fact that he’d left a voicemail, he is not very bright: he was 3 years behind at school. He is very fit physically though, and has a history of violence, from childhood onwards. In fact he is so violent that even the French army didn’t want him: they kicked him out, after diagnosing him with psychopathy.

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Official German Shepherd supporting the paws that enforce the laws shirt

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My relative called the police (or rather the gendarmerie – my uncle’s side of the family have connections with the police so you cannot expect any help from them), they came over, listened to the voicemail, then went looking for my uncle. They found him a couple of kilometres away, sitting in his car with the gun and the ammo. My relative didn’t want yet to make the existing family feud worse (it’s a long story, spanning several generations – it goes back to the 19th century) so he decided not to press charges.

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The next morning a cop showed up at my door asking about the trailer. I explained my situation, and he let me know that the HOA called to complain. I inquired about specific rules, and he stated that trailers can be parked on the street, but it must be parked 15 feet from the property line and moved every 3 days. Needless to say, rather than return the trailer to my buddy after the weekend, I kept it for the next couple of months. My kids marked the curb 15′ from the property line for reference, and they became very good at pushing the trailer back and forth every few days. Oh, and they also took pictures for verification, which they would show the police once or twice a week. It took a little effort to I keep up the charade, but it was worth every single minute.

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