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Karma had played its part on me. This had taken a toll on my mental health. I told her that I may leave her because of the disgusting feeling from my nightmares, this was the only time she said to me she loved me to which I also replied I loved her. I loved her more than my self but the nightmares gave me an overwhelming disgusting feeling and I used to get angry on her. this continued for a many days and I realized if I love her, I shouldn’t hurt her bcoz hurting her eventually hurted me more. I told her I will have to leave her because I was not able to deal with my nightmares and didn’t want to hurt her by getting angry on her. I was a very tough decision for me which I still regret as I miss her very much.

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I don’t have children, but I used to babysit my cousins. I would let them watch tv sometimes, but if there was something on tv that I didnt think they should watch, I would change the channel, or turn the tv off. A Delta plane dumped jet fuel over an elementary schoolcausing minor injuries to children and adults on Tuesday. Planes dump fuel when they end up making a shorter flight than expected and the plane is too heavy for a safe landing. It wasn’t illegal.

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No one fights alone Covid-19 2020 corrections dispatch ems medical fire police military shirt

She was a twin soul for me. I made a decision that day that I would slap me atleast 100 times a day till I can accept her(I made this decision because I really loved her and wanted her in my life and also I was feeling guilty of breaking the relationship and making things worse for her bcoz it is very difficult to get a prospective groom if your engagement is broken once, it happened with her twice. ) On one side I loved her and thought about her almost every second and on the other side I felt extremely disgusted because of her physical relationship and the nightmares I used to get. This continued like 6 months. In the meanwhile I used to call her anonymously when I missed her to the extreme just to hear her voice. She got engaged few days back to another guy.

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