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These people are relentless, trust me you will pay with anguish as they launch a smear campaign about you to those same people that you are hanging out with. You are better off becoming mysteriously busy rather than letting them know that you have caught on to them. Whatever you do don’t ever let them know that you are doing well without them around. In the event that you do they become enraged. They love to know that others are doing poorly. This makes them feel good inside their fake persona. Remember that at the core of all narcissist is an insecure person with low self esteem and an inflated EGO. They will do anything to protect this fake sense of self.

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We were having a hard time having a baby and decided to try in vitro. After we went to the fertility guy he sent me to an ObGyn so he could examine me and get me started on medications, so I’d produce a lot of eggs to harvest. In my younger college years I always believed in abortion but thankfully never had a need for one. After the exam the doctor handed me a form to sign for “selective termination” if I got pregnant with more than two fetuses. I read it and felt utter revulsion for this man, and said I couldn’t sign it and they’d just have to only transplant two embryos each time.

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He muttered, “You’ll feel differently after you go through this a few times.” I told him that it was simply ethically wrong for me to implant 6–10 embryos then just tell him to “terminate all but 1–2. I just couldn’t do it. Later in the first cycle I had severe ovarian pain. There’s a syndrome where they overstimulate the ovaries and they can get as big as a huge softball and that’s what I had. Basically it was a medical emergency. I was working full time and had my own practice, so I couldn’t just leave. I called him and told him about the intense abdominal pain and that I couldn’t physically stand up straight because my abdomen muscles were splinting so hard, and I’d been taking a half of a percocet every 4 hours to get through seeing pts.

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He said, “If you think that hurts just wait til….” OMG I was so angry I would have hit him if it had been in person. He didn’t want to see another doctor telling him something was really wrong, who KNEW when something was seriously wrong! I made it through but told hubby I was never going back to that A hole (Mind you we had paid CASH up front in the days when insurance didn’t pay anything for such treatments, and it was a LOT) I hope he starved himself out of medicine. I told hubby to sue him if I died, and I NEVER thought I’d sue another doctor.

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Mickey Mouse Joker face shirt

My father was a pretty stubborn old guy. He had live alone for more than 30 years and was always fiercely independent. More than once he brushed away his kids offers of assistance. After treatment for prostate cancer in his late 70’s he began to fail physically. My sister who lived 3 hours from him was trying to keep up on him but as she worked full time , and had a family, she was very stretched to see him more than once a week, sometimes longer.

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It really depends on you!! Are you his match?? A narcissist is not done destroying your life, if he thinks he can. I showed my narcissist I’m his match & gave him a narcissist injury. So what does he do, he collects his army, gets our joint acct away from me. He wants me to be dependent on him, so he can keep getting supply off me. I will never be submissive, but he is wearing me down & I don’t eat real good & it took a toll on my health. He will keep it up, until there is nothing left or someone gives a damn & helps me out. I went to the CFPB to get help. There is financial abuse & even a bank is lying. I had 45 days to get paper work together & send it to them. I have tons organized, but it still has a lot of work to be done & I’m burning out.

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