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His wife and family fit in well with the congregation. All was well on the surface. It was close to a year and he filled our minds with more plans, dreams for our church, and constant proposals to enlarge, as to help our community. All collapsed when some former associates within the denominational ranks realized that a lot of his schemes, plans and interest in our church bank account seemed ‘deja vu”. Someone outside of our church began to ‘connect the dots” and began to inform some of the people in our association to ‘be careful” of him. I was the last to know of anything because I was so close to him, as I held a few positions and long history.

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For several days, I got it out and rolled it all over the kitchen table watching in awe as I broke it up and shoved it back together again – over and over. In college, I had a 4.9 GPA in science while working full time as a physical chemistry technician. Given how much brain damage mercury causes, I laughingly wonder if I actually could have been a genius if not for my temporary toy. But seriously, he should have known better.

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Another driver ran a red light and hit the driver’s side of my dad’s car going maybe 50 mph. Luckily both of them survived, but my dad’s head hit the window and he was knocked out cold for a few minutes. If he had been going a little bit faster, the other driver would’ve hit the door and my dad would’ve probably died.

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However, that scenario will just stay in my thoughts and will never come out of my mouth. It is not for me to reprimand that person and it is not me who will remind her to be thoughtful. And i have no right to tell her what is he/she is wrong.Let the proper authorities do what is necassary.

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May birthday 2020 the year when shit got real quarantined shirt

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Back in the 60’s I was in elementary school and went to the pediatrician for an annual exam. While he was taking my blood pressure, the tower thingy full of mercury fell over and broke, spilling the silvery liquid all over the table. I was fascinated. So, he scooped it up, put it in an envelope and gave it to me to take home. Looking back, I guess it was 1 to 2 tablespoons of the stuff. 

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When our finance committee turned down his proposals, his face turned red and he acted very different. He shook his finger and said that GOD was not finished with the work here in our town and he saw himself as the man that can lead our church to be a beacon light to the community. His tone, to me, seemed dark and sinister. Something was amiss. It became apparent, after hearing rumors, that he needed to be confronted with them and be allowed to respond. We deacons had a private meeting with him, as to try to understand and get a grip on his behavior and settle the rumors.

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