Just another manic monday shirt

Yes, multiple times in my neighbourhood. But the incident that I’m going to share is the best one. I was staying alone in a 1 BHK flat in Bangalore and the neighbourhood was a family one. I usually stay naked in my room because I’m comfortable that way. Whenever I’m at home, I keep the windows open. There are some beautiful aunties staying around and I always wish to flash them. During the day time, there are no guys around so I stay naked as I don’t mind a female watching me naked.

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Just another manic monday shirt

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It gives me pleasure doing that and a nice errection, which I masturbate. I usually try to flash a lady on the opposite building, but I never felt she was noticing me, though she saw me many times. One evening, when I was getting ready to go somewhere out and just came after bath, completely naked, I saw a girl may be 25–26 on the opposite building terrace. She was walking on the terrace and was on phone. I saw she was having an eye inside my bedroom through which she could clearly see me. I stood there and took my phone in hand.

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