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Dance actually means happiness ,excitement .Its the feelings when we are happy and something we achieved, then automatically how our body reacts thats all change into dance form .At the time of happiness you want to jump ,run, laugh, move ,express yourself your face glitter .The method of showing your feelings .Different culture started adopting different way of expressions and named differently .Dance is the synonyms of felicitation ,euphoric mood .Different countries ,different states have different way of showing their joy .According to me dance means thrill overjoy, excitement.

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There is no real upper limit (as far as heart health goes, overdoing it can have other negative consequences). To enjoy most of the potential heart health benefits you need about three sessions of half an hour per week. More is fine. Exercise that you actually do always trumps any exercise that might be hypothetically better but you don’t do. Walking, running, hiking, bicycling, skiing, swimming, rowing, boxing, soccer, golf, tennis, weight lifting and dancing are all valid and effective forms of cardiovascular exercise. Dancing varies in intensity from a slow walk to very nearly a full sprint. Thus, apart from its recreational value, it can be a very effective form of cardiovascular exercise.

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