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One of the medications given could be muscle relaxant called Succinylcholine, in professional parlance Sux. In some people who have certain genetic biochemical deficiency, Sux may trigger muscle spasm, spike in heart rate, temperature elevation. These symptoms are suspicious for a condition called Malignant Hyperthermia (MH). It is very difficult to open the mouth of a person who involuntarily clenched his/her teeth, without hurting this person (injury to teeth, gums), while oxygen reserves in the body start running out.

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We were struggling financially at that point in time, and she had brought “groceries” (read: all stuff that had been sitting in the back of her cabinet for God knows how long and ended up getting thrown away—stale bread, expired cans), so I didn’t say anything. Then, about a week later, we had my stepdaughter for the weekend. They stopped by (unannounced) right after my husband told my stepdaughter he was going to take her outside. But since they showed up, we wanted her to spend some time with them. She, being an impatient 7 y/o on the Spectrum, kept asking to go outside and play. I GENTLY told her to stop asking and to spend time with her grandmother, that she could go outside after they left, then told her if she kept asking, she wasn’t going to get to go outside. She asked again, so I told her no, she couldn’t go outside at all. That’s all that happened.

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Fast forward another week to when I gave birth. I had a c-section. Come out of surgery and my BIL is there (I had only wanted my dad and MIL there taking care of the twins while my husband was with me in the OR). My baby girl had some blood sugar issues, so she ended up having to go to the nursery that night and got put on IV sugars. My MIL called my husband the next morning and said her, her husband, AND my other BIL were all coming up there so she could hold my baby (not ASKING if she could, TELLING us she was). We told her no because of the IV (plus I didn’t want all those people there). My baby got her IV pulled the next morning, and we didn’t discharge until later in the day the following day, and she knew all that, so she could have come any time in those last two days and held her with no issues, but she didn’t.

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The day after we discharged, we took the baby to a doctor’s appointment, then stopped by a friend’s house. Well of course, that friend’s mother held my baby for TWO SECONDS, took a picture, and posted it on FB. Didn’t even realize it had happened until my MIL started pitching a fit about it. Instead of being an adult and talking to ME, she ran to her mother and told her all kinds of lies. Her mother is bi-polar schizophrenic, so I started getting threatening text messages. Then my MIL says she’s going to drive all over our town to find my stepdaughter and give my stepdaughter her Christmas presents, but she’s taking the twins’ and my youngest’s presents back.

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I’m an Essential Worker so basically I’m kind of a big deal shirt

The next month she kisses up to my stepdaughter’s mother by giving her all kinds of money, then tell her that I was mistreating my stepdaughter the day they showed up unannounced (even though I was trying to get my stepdaughter to spend time WITH HER). So now we haven’t seen my stepdaughter since Christmas, despite a court order, and I just had to threaten to call the cops on my MIL because she was driving up and down my road rubbing it in mine and my husband’s faces that she had my stepdaughter. All because I won’t let her run my life

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We usually try to find out those genetic abnormalities during preop interview, but some things happen for the first time without the patient ever suspecting them. If this is the case, we would tell the patient in great details what happened and also give an official printed form to show to an anesthetist who may take care of this patient in the future. Also this form may recommend any need for further workup/tests.

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