I don’t always mahna mahna but when I do doo doot doo do doo shirt

Yes, it is appropriate and it’s also a beautiful gesture of love and acceptance. It’s a shame not all families are so supportive and one of the things that’s most appreciated is help that is givenwithout implying judgement. I felt really bad when I had to say that lifestyle changes meant that what worked when her son was a baby wouldn’t work in our situation. In the end, she packed up and went home. My mum was as supportive as possible, but my neighbor was like a mum and often saved my sanity.

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My husband and I had a certificate for a overnight stay and dinner at a local hotel that has a very nice steakhouse attached to it. We have eaten there a few times and the food has always been delicious and the service impeccable. It is expensive but also well worth it. We scheduled our stay at the hotel and I was really looking forward to it at it was out first overnight away from out son since he was born almost a year before. 

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There is no model of herd immunity. Our officials have realized that out best chance to come out on top of this without loosing too many lives and too much money is to try and limit the amount of seriously ill so that there wont be a HUGE strain on our health care system. So, the model is trying to spread it out over time.

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So we get to our table and the waiter mentions my husband looks familiar. My husband asks him if he ever worked at the casino and he said that he had. My husband works at the casino so that’s how he knew him. The waiters whole demeanor changed after that. Gone was the super polite waiter and he was replaced by a rather cocky condescending attitude. I think it was because he realized that my husband works at the casino and while we are not hurting for money we aren’t the kind of people that go to a restaurant like we were at for our weekly Sunday dinner. So we both get appetizers, soup and a entrée.

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I don’t always mahna mahna but when I do doo doot doo do doo shirt

We go through the soup and the appetizers and when he delivers out entrees he says “wow, you guys still have room, you’ve eaten a lot” with a look of disgust. Now both my husband and I are a little larger but we dont get to enjoy dinners by ourseves often so yes we were indulging. Either way it was rude to point out (besides more money the larger the tip) I ignored it though and we enjoyed our meal. At the end of it (we both had dessert too!) he comes with the bill and explains to us that the tip is based off of the total and not the amount that was over the certificate we had.

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I love reading answers from people who do not even live in our country but have a bitter “dislike” for President Trump and seem obsessed with getting “even” with him for winning the 2016 election. In spite of constant roadblocks, mainly by House Democrats, President Trump has been doing everything he possibly can for the US and her citizens. President Trump has not broken one single law since he was elected in 2016 and even if he was to be accused of breaking a law prior to 2016, by the time he leaves office in January 2025, the statute of limitations will have run out on anything his detractors want to charge him with dating prior to his election.

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