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Older niece only likes thongs and boy shorts… anything in between she finds uncomfortable because the seams annoy her. Younger one only wears bikini cut or boy shorts because she thinks walking around with a wedgie all day is gross, but if she ever decides any other style, or even if she goes commando… it’s HER BODY! When my son was about 13 months old, we were at my MIL’s house and she was letting him pull the blinds on the windows up and down. I asked her not to let him do that and she said he could cause it was her house and she didn’t care. The next day, he got up on the couch and pulled the curtains and blinds down off the windows and she was pissed. I just smiled at her and said, Oh well. You taught him to do that.

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She was the day-time receptionist and I worked evenings, so we only spoke for barely 10 minutes before she’d leave for the day and I’d start my shift. She had it out for me since day one because I worked her position while she was away for a few months. She didn’t like that our boss liked my work and that I’d gotten more done in the day than she usually would. She’s the type that she could make anything into an issue, even if you did her a favour by getting one of her tasks done after she’d begged you to do so. Somehow she’d turn anything into a “teachable” moment for me, especially because I was still in my early twenties.

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Additionally, she’d constantly give me backhanded comments and talk to me in a condescending tone (including the time where she described step-by-step on how I should go up to the new manager in our office, introduce myself and shake his hand). She also got upset that our boss extended my temp contract so she decided to harass me into quitting. For whatever reason – possibly because they were friends outside the office – our boss decided to side with her before ever hearing my side of the story.

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She and our boss didn’t expect for me to print out the emails that corresponded with her baseless complaints and that showed her true behaviour towards me and hand them into our boss. Biggest piece of damning evidence was a scanned copy of a document that she made a mistake on, initialed it, and tried to blame it on me. My booklet must’ve weighed at least a pound with what I had on her. They were both so concerned that I’d go to HR or to our union with complaints – which I could have done, but I was only there temporarily and decided against it. I’d scared them enough.

I am a simple man I like boobs beer and fishing shirt

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Both of them remained short and snide with me (our boss going as far as giving me dirty looks every time he passed my desk – stopped briefly when I called him out on it) until I quit unexpectedly and on my own terms during one of their busiest times of the year – fall semester admissions. She could do her own work for once and he could scramble to replace me for all I care.

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I worked in a community park as a very young guy. I got the job on a 6 month trial basis. There was a high school student who was hired for the summer. Long black Armenian hair, goatee, mustached, muscles on top of muscle packed into a red two button collared shirt, park issue. First thing he did was rip the collar down the middle. His big hairy chest exposed, a bandanna round his head keeping him cool. We knew each other from partying in the neighborhood. Very quiet around the staff, only talked to me. Bosses would tell him to do something, he’d grunt and walk away.

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