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Timing is also important. If food is late, my efforts at cooking might be wasted. During an off-day recently, I made lunch for us, but it took me longer than expected. I didn’t realise that my husband had a zoom meeting starting in the early afternoon, and that led to him becoming really impatient. I was a bit disappointed when he declared he was just going to order Grabfood instead which is faster. Then comes the washing up. Because he knows I did the cooking, he feels guilty if I have to wash up as well, so might offer to wash up out of obligation. Yet he hates washing up and would end up procrastinating so I end up doing it anyway because I hate seeing dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

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Just yesterday, I was sitting behind a desk with about 3 feet of space between me and anyone who approached the desk. A woman approached needing to fill out a piece of paperwork for me. I stood up and leaned so I could reach the paper and point out some things she needed to fill out. She left to go finish the paperwork. She came back to the desk placed the paper on the desk and leaned over to write on it. I stood up again to take the paper from her and fill out my portion. She ended up cleaning straight into my personal space. This lady was wearing a mask and way too big latex gloves, By the way.

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Harley Quinn once upon a time I was sweet and innocent then shit happened shirt

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She leaned over the desk even further to make sure I saw her and yelled right in my face, “ you really should be wearing a mask. I am in a high-risk group“. I was working at a desk on an office as a guard that had seen five people all day. As a sufferer of claustrophobia the wearing of masks is hard for me and I have been strictly following social distancing as my main means of protection as a result. This lady leans into me AGAIN and then tells me what I am doing wrong. She puts her face right up to mine. I cannot back up to get away from her because of the wall behind the desk. I am doing my best. I am a short person, 5’3” and had to stand up to reach the paper.

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You do not need to get on your high horse and tell me what I need to do to be safe. I follow the protocols my company set out for me to the t. I find that hypocrisy unnerving. She got the same email with the same social distancing directive as I did, from the company. She chose to ignore it and then yell at me because I wasn’t doing enough for her. Why do people yell at you then ask for your help? The ultimate irony of the whole situation was she was completing the paperwork so she could take equipment home so she could work from home. At least I won’t have to encounter this woman and her bossiness for at least three months.

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I know that most of you will argue that people should be working with masks on but companies are more apt to want to have strict social distancing guidelines instead of mask requirements. I work at a front desk for a major company and masks can be a little intimidating in that scenario. I know my company will make masks mandatory when the state states that they are. I know that masks are a hot button topic right now. Please do not put anything in the comments negative about my choices. I am following what my company says to do and the woman knew it. I don’t see many people now and I’m very strict about my social distancing.

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Overall, you can see that cooking in my small household of two has not been an easy nor pleasant experience for either of us, hence we chose take-aways as the easier option. This does not equate to fast food; on the contrary one can find many healthy wholesome salads on Grabfood and Deliveroo these days. So please don’t jump to conclusions about people who live on take-away food. We’re not as lazy and unhealthy as you think. Being sick of take-away food is also a function of our locked-in times, whereby you open your Grabfood app and the all same old food options pop up again. In normal times, enjoying a meal out at a nice restaurant or cafe breaks the monotony of this.

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