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Anyway this day she said that my daughters needed to focus less on school on more on god or they would be bad wives one day. My wife tried to shut me up but I lost it. I said some things I feel bad about later but I didn’t care. I more or less told her she was the dumbest person on the face of the earth and had she spent less time in church and more time in school then maybe she wouldn’t be a two time divorced woman who has to live with her daughter at 58 because she’s too stupid to take care of herself.

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I wasn’t expecting what came next, it was a normal night out and he got a bit too tipsy to drive home so I invited him to sleep over at my place. We continue drinking, it was close to 12:00 and I told him I had some magic mushrooms and we could take some together, he was excited as he didn’t tried them before. He was 56, I was 22 and we ingested the shrooms and listened to music, talked and laugh so much. Then 4am came and he was getting scared as the high wasn’t getting anywhere. He panicked and wanted to call the ambulance. I knew what happens and I tried to comfort him, to hug him and to tell him that it will pass sooner or later.

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Then he said he never tried anything with another man ever and he would like it. I said to him that I never tried but wasn’t curious, he then kissed me. It felt nice so I gave in and we kept kissing and touching and I got a bit aroused but not like with a girl. It was something nice. Then he started to take off my shirt and then kissed my body, it felt nice and then my pants and underwear came of and he was stroking me. He asked if that’s alright and I told him yes. I started undressing him and kissing him and he was so hard. I took him in my mouth, it felt weird and warm and I kept doing it until he started cumming in my mouth, it had a different taste than mine but I swallowed it.

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He then proceeded to return the favour and it felt so nice. We went to bed and woke up at 10:00 am and didn’t talked anything about what happened, I could see he felt a bit uncomfortable and shy. He left. We’re still good friends but nothing ever happened since then but I hope it will as I know I’m heterosexual and he is too. I’m also good friends with his wife who doesn’t know a thing still. I’m 25 now and he’s 58 and that was the craziest experience with a teacher. I’ve always had something for older women and now for him. I would never repeat the experience with anyone else than him.

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Grateful distancing stay at home tour 2020 shirt

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I said yes while holding the towel in front of my dick so she couldn’t see. And it was that moment that I though “what the heck..” and slowly dropped my towel and revealed my dick. She was standing there watching and as soon as she saw the whole thing, she went “OMG! That’s huuuge!” And all my ex could say “told you so!” While she was still showering… Nothing happend after that, we got dressed and went out. She did grab my dick once or twice while dancing and spread the rumour to all of her friends about how big she thought I was

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A minor cannot sign away his or her rights (nor, for that matter, would the same contract signed on the minor’s behalf by a parent or guardian be valid, as many rights of a minor cannot be signed away by a parent or guardian). Beyond that, as in if a student had reached the age of legal adulthood, such a contract would likely not be enforceable. Depending upon state or provincial laws, even presenting such a an agreement to students for their signatures might very well be a violation of an existing law. It’s certainly an ethical violation.

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