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Well, once school started it was only a few weeks before the phone rang. They told me my daughter was alright. Then right away, off to the principal’s office I went. The same three girls had jumped on my daughter again in one of the bathrooms. When I got there the first thing I saw was two girls sitting in the outer office wearing bloody clothes. The secretary showed me right into the principal’s office, and there sat my daughter without a scratch on her. The story was she whipped two of them and the third girl ran away.

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It was the first massage I ever had. I had a back injury and my dr. sent me to physical therapy. She used a tens unit in my back for a bout half an hour then told me to remove my clothes and cover with a towel that I wad going to get a full body massage. She did my back and legs then had me turn over. She massaged my chest and legs then removed the towel. She stroked me then started sucking me. I was young and not sure what to do, she removed her clothes climbed in to off me and rode me until i came inside her. My dr. sent me there twice a week for two months for therapy and it eas always the same. It was great.

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First of all. They feel rage, angry and try to smear campain you to provoke you join the sick game. Then you still ignore and no react to them, they will feel umempower and lose, you just win narcissist by this way, not by direct confront. The grey rock/ no react/ no contact/ show no emotion will enable their power. There was another option, of course. Dermabond that perfect lavender liquid that painlessly coated the wound and shellacked it seamlessly together as if by magic. It was literally Super Glue for the skin. Staring at the sliver of rare steak gaping through the right eyebrow of her perfect pudgy face, I was thinking Dermabond was definitely the way to go.

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Snagging a stick from the Pyxis dispensary, I squeezed to break and activate the inner vial of syrup. I had just seconds now to apply a thin layer before the it dried and stuck like, well, superglue. She laid sweetly on the table, chattery and carefree, watching cartoon ponies and kitty cats while her mom fluttered nearby with a sippy cup. I explained, quickly, that mom would have to hold her head still for just a sec while I applied the product. Once it was dry Voila! The skin would heal beneath over the next few days and the glue would gradually peel off on its own. So easy.

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Freddie Mercury don’t stop me-now shirt

You march over here and tell us to move instead of expressing to us you really wanted our table. If you would have reserved it like an adult you would have had it. But unfortunately you thought you could come over here and bully someone into getting what you want. Now my brother isn’t going to say this to you because he is nice. But no we aren’t moving. No you can not make us move. And if you harass us anymore I will kindly ask the manager to remove you.

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So we got through all of that, warning about this, threats of suspension if it happens again, blah, blah. About halfway through the school year, and my phone rings again. This time it’s my wife. The school called: my little girl’s been fighting again. Her best friend was a gorgeous sweet heart of a young girl, whose only physical flaw was she had been a breach birth. It damaged her hips, and she walked with a severe limp. They were in the school cafeteria, and a couple boys were picking on my daughter’s friend. Apparently it was more than she could stand, because my daughter got up and beat the snot out of both of those boys before anybody could stop her.

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