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But funny enough one time my roommate thought that the President ‘s White House might be up the road from our college when I asked her for a ride back to school. You see, I was just finishing up at my orthodontist appointment when I gave her directions to come pick me up and I said my doctor’s office was on a certain road next to a white house. Not the White House, just a random white house. Then I laughed at her because I said, didn’t you know it was in Washington DC not Towson Maryland? Hahaha. The first time that my brother’s beast fucked up with me she had gotten into my brother’s little pin head and convinced him that I was doing something that I totally wasn’t even doing. So after the beast had done that I didn’t talk to both of them for many years.

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I just want to share my burden. I was born in lower middle class family In India. I was second child of parents. I have big brother. everything was good in childhood. but things changed when my father died due to fatal accident. It was worst day of my life. After some days my mothers behaviour changed she use to behave oddly. My brother also got into wrong friend circle. And started drinking and use of some drugs. My mother started having affair with our neighbor.

Dump and Dumper do nothing Democrats shirt

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He was a bad person. He use to come to home when me and my brother were out of home. I was completing my graduation. and my brother had good degree but he was paid only 8k per month. Our financial conditions were worst. One day My brother caught my mother while doing act. He got angry and thrashed the neighbor. Then after using abusive language for mother he left. when I came home i came to know whole incidence and scene created by my brother. At night around 1 am in night someone was banging the door. when I opened it was brother who was drunken.

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He took one step and fell down. I took him to his room. then he got conscious, and was looking at me in some weird way. I felt danger and headed to leave room. he grabbed my hand and pulled me over. I was not able to shout as in day there was scene created in my home and I don’t wanted to create another. He said why only mother should enjoy. and started undressing me. I was helpless as he was much stronger than me. then at that night he took everything from me. and my mother also knew this but she kept quiet because it was her licence to get sexual pleasures. Then it was like routine for brother anytime he wanted to satisfy his desires he would come to my room and do whatever he wanted to fullfil his desires.

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I was like his prostitute. Then in college I met a nice guy, I felt like he is the one who will take me out of that hell. he was very generous and kind hearted. soon we fell in love. we use to move around campus, in gardens. life was great outside the home. occasionally we kissed, cuddled. It was great time with him. one day he wanted to take me home. I thought he may be wanted to show his home. when we went there his house was empty no one was there. He told his parents are out of town and he wanted to do the things with me. I rejected the proposal but then he started putting some false allegations on me that i wanted to break up, and have another affair. he was ready to leave me. I don’t wanted to loose him so i agreed.

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Then just last year around the end of November she was having a baby and they wanted me there. So I had a talk with her and I told her I had no intentions to ever speak to you again. This is your last chance to have me in your guys life. I said if you ever come between me and my family ever again or if you try to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong I will be done with you and him. I said you’d be dead to me and I meant every word. We’ll 5 months later the beast did it again she gotten into my mother’s head and convinced her that I was up to no good and my mother believed her. I was so fucking pissed my own mother didn’t believe me.

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