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After about 6 months, I landed my dream job and gave my notice. All good. A few months later the gentleman called me, saying he thought he finally found a replacement for me and would I come in and check their work. Sure no problem. So I go in and start going though the past few months’ records, and very quickly things seem… odd. There are checks that cleared recently but whose check numbers indicated they had been written back when I was doing the books. (When you print your own checks you can give them any number you want.) Obviously I wasn’t going to remember every check I’d handled, but I was obsessive about these kinds of details and so my antennae went up. Then the big tell – the subject lines had descriptions that made sense, but they were spelled incorrectly.

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When I was maybe around 7 my sister must have been about 2 ,maybe younger, she was tiny but able to walk. It was a really nice summers evening, my dad went down to the pub with his mates which left me, my mum and her indoors. So it was just a normal night I was playing with her messing around and then we sat to have dinner and she was little so she was in her high chair. And me and my mum noticed that something was wrong she was just starring we couldn’t see what she was starring at we turned the tv off to see if she’d look away and she didn’t she Carried on and it got much worse. Her mouth locked and her eyes started rolling back, she was tiny like a dolly, she started shaking she threw up, initially my mum thought she may have been choking so she pried her jaw open so it wouldn’t lock, turns out that was the worst thing to do.

Dream team 1992 USA basketball shirt

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So anyway my mum obviously called the ambulance but my sister got worse and my mum was screaming so loud my neighbours came in and thought someone had gotten in only to see my sister was dying on the floor, the ambulance fast response came so quick that they blew up their engine and I’ll never forget seeing them bagging my baby sister on the floor trying to bring her back to life. Eventually they did and they took her to the nearest hospital to us but the hospital didn’t know what to do so they flew her into great ormond street hospital in London because they’re children’s specialists. They thought that she could have brain damage… and initially thought my parents could have caused it (they have never layed a hand on either of us). But anyway it turned out she had a reaction from a booster she was given 8 days before and it caused her to have a major fit.

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He gave me the All Things Must Pass boxed set by George Harrison. I was thrilled ! Boxed sets weren’t cheap. I showed my parents and they didn’t seem concerned. They knew I wasn’t a moron. In return for the gift I had my Dad drive me to The French Quarter one night to go to a t-shirt shop. I bought Coach an Olivia Newton John t-shirt with COACH on the back in glitter letters. He loved it. As an adult I can totally understand why it may have raised concerns and seemed to be inappropriate to other teachers. I know minors can be groomed and never want any harm to come to their abuser, but Coach and I never even sat close enough to each other for anything to happen. He was behind his desk and I was usually in a desk pulled up to his.

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I’ll tell you another time when I discovered that our lonely divorced English teacher and a really popular, handsome, rich boy were having sex at her house daily after school. In no time EVERYONE knew it and nothing was done. We also watched as another Coach flirted with a tall , blonde , married History teacher and she flirted back. Pretty soon they were kissing anyplace they could find. She left her husband and they married. He was really not that much older then we were and it was his first job coaching and teaching. He didn’t lose his job at least.

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Of all the things I am obsessive about, spelling and grammar top the list. I simply do not make these sorts of errors – clearly I did not handle these checks, regardless of their numbering sequence. So I pull all the checks and look at the back – they were signed and cashed by the new bookkeeper. In about 60 days they had kited almost $20,000. I alert my former boss. Not a man to be trifled with, he calls the bookkeeper’s spouse and gives them a limited opportunity to repay the money before he goes to the ADA’s office and files charges. The money is quickly paid back, plus a small premium for the “investigative costs”, interest, and confidentiality.

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