Dr. Seuss I will make masks here or there I will make masks because I care shirt

I pull right over, turn off the car, put the keys on the dash, turn on the dome lights, crack the window and wait. Guy walks up, License and Registration, What are you doing here, etc. I tell him I was dropping off someone who needed a ride and now I’m heading to work. He doesn’t think that’s true, because This Isn’t That Kind Of Neighborhood. He thinks I was buying drugs, or maybe sex, from the girl he watched me drop off, and he wants to search the vehicle. So I tell him I’d rather he didn’t, and he tells me that what I’d rather doesn’t really matter.

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This statement implies that when someone spends money, the money disappears. However, whenever money is spent, the money still exists in the hands of the recipient of that spending. Then when that person spends that money they received, again, it does not disappear, it is transferred to the recipient of that spending etc. At the end of all that spending, at the end of the given time period, the money used will still exist and can be considered as savings, in someone’s pocket.

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Dr. Seuss I will make masks here or there I will make masks because I care shirt

Now. I’m not exactly a strident civil rights advocate, but I don’t talk to the police under almost any circumstances. I’ll cooperate with them and be nice and sweet while they write me a ticket for a moving violation, but I’m not consenting to a search without a warrant. Especially not when I’ve JUST had a stranger in my vehicle for about 15 minutes, in the dark, who I know to have had dependency issues with narcotics, and who had been partying that night immediately before meeting her. I don’t know what she may have accidentally dropped, intentionally disposed of, or mistakenly forgotten in my vehicle, but there’s no way in hell I’m taking that chance tonight of all nights.

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