Dad International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers shirt

Normal human beings create. Narcissists destroy. They especially enjoy destroying living things. They have an animosity towards living things that is incomprehensible to normal people. (My narcissist xh did these same things.) D’s animosity towards my plants reached a point that, when I planted in the yard, he got out an old broken weedeater and chewed through large areas of grass that I had planted and nurtured, ripping it down to bare soil, gleefully spitting earth into the air. I recalled my conversations with his ex-wife, after I’d caught him cheating with her, and her describing the same–him mowing down her plants and flowers. I could see the remnants of her gardens, the few persistent hostas and lillies here and there. I left him frequently, and returned to my apartment, in the city, which I kept out of necessity. As I was trauma bonded, I kept returning. Each time I returned through the growing seasons, the carnage to which I returned was unspeakable. 

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