Crazy Goat lady 2020 quarantined shirt

Without warning, a girl in one of rows at the front of business class jumps up, turns around and starts screaming ”There’s a F’ING bomb on this plane!!!, there is F’ING bomb on this plane!!!”. The aisle instantly filled with people and no one could move, they were pushing each other. The girl sitting next to me tried to climb over me and could not into the aisle. I had pull her back into her seat. She pleaded with me “we have to get out!” I told her to put her head down and cover it. The guy who was across and up the aisle was shouting “No, No, No!”.

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Crazy Goat lady 2020 quarantined shirt

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He had made it up about 5 or 6 rows then turned, put his hands up and said “Stop, there is no bomb, sorry!” Then the group that I saw before boarding, including the guy behind my seat, the guy saying “stop” and the others, went to the girl who was screaming (yes, the same one who boarded with them) and took her off the plane. End of story? Nope, it gets weirder. Everybody sat down and it was quiet. I looked around and realized there were no airline employees on the plane, none. This lasted like 10 minutes.

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