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So when I look out the window, and I see his car parked on the opposite side of the street from his house (I could literally see his house and the street he lived on from my bedroom window), I was a little suspicious. Especially when I could see the two of them doing the nasty in the backseat. He was real stupid for parking at the perfect angle under a street lamp. I could see everything. Now of course, I wasn’t smart enough to drop her after catching her cheating. She had been homeless, and I had fought endlessly with my mom to let her live with us. I was working so that I could support her and buy her nice things, because “nobody” ever did that for her.

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I’m not a nurse, but the nurse from the hospice who took care of my dad called me. My dad was in his final stage of pancreatic and liver cancer. Dad was always a quiet and respectful gentleman. But he was a bit feisty at the hospice. Our friend Steve came to visit and Dad took off his oxygen mask to hear him better. Dad’s nurse came in to check him and saw him with his oxygen mask off. “Mr. Benny, you’re terrible in bed,” she scolded.

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Chicago Bulls repeat 3 peat shirt

He threw back his blanket and said ““hop on in and let’s see.” Our friend Steve was hysterical laughing. The nurse called me, since my dad never said it did this before. I went down there and asked ““Dad, what happened today with the nurse? I know you better than that.” Dad looked at me and said ““Baby, I’m 84 years old. I’ve been a good man all my life. Can’t I just be a little bad? How many men been bad their whole life?” I went back to the nurses station and asked if we could indulge my dad just a bit as long as it wasn’t really rude-Dad was just having a bit of fun. The ladies were wonderful. Dad joked with them and they joked right back.

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Literally right up to his last day, when Dad has a stroke and peacefully passed away. So many ladies came by to touch Dad, hug and kiss me. We all cried-so many said he was like their dad, uncle, grandfather. It was dad’s way of dealing with his end-and bless him, he went exactly as he wanted. I thanked everyone at hospice with flowers, treats, and letters to the hospital and state, praising them all. And I know Dad is up there, leaving them laughing in the aisles.

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Our son moved out less than a year after I left. He lives maybe 10 minutes away from his dad’s house but only goes over there to work on his truck. He hasn’t even gone in the house in a few years but he said the garage is filled top to bottom with her and her kids stuff infested with roaches.

 I’m a very clean person. Our house was always nice. Decorated with really nice things. Most of the stuff I left behind. The only thing I cared about was a relationship with my son which I have a great one. Apparently she still uses my stuff that I left behind like some large area rugs and curtains also my cookware.

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My boss was very threatened by me. She was the manager of the Emergency Medical Services office for the county. I was the quality manager and medical instructor. I would review the emergency reports written by the paramedics and when appropriate provide praise or constructive criticism. One to three days a week I would travel to fire departments and ambulance services and provide continuing education. The paramedics/firefighters loved when I came to the station. I was a very encouraging instructor and provided practical lessons that they could actually use in their emergency work.

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In reality, she manipulated everyone just to get what she wanted. She continued to live in my house and pretend to love me (even though she did a terrible job), have her friends lie to me and say that she wasn’t cheating on me, and when it was all said and done, she tried to make my life a living hell. My daughter was on a back road with a speed limit of 45. She passed a car that was tooling along at 30 MPH in a legal zone. As she went by, the car’s flashers went on. He wrote her up for passing in a no passing zone. She pointed out that it wasn’t a no passing zone, but he seemed to be upset that she’d passed him at all.

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