Buddha Pug quarantined let that shit go shirt

When I was 40 and happily pregnant with my third child about 18 years ago I called the news to my mom on opposite side of the Earth. She said something like : but Julia !( name changed here) you have already two!. Boy and girl! A pair! What more do you want? Three is too many. You should put it for an adoption!. I did not react and kept chatting friendly. After that I told my husband. He said something in manner that he always had low expectations of her and he is not surprised. I kept calling her as before as nothing happened. When the boy was 2years old we invited her for a visit because she did not see any of my children yet.

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Buddha Pug quarantined let that shit go shirt

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She was scared to make this trip because she had no experience flying and she did not know a word in English. ( it was 2005). We bought her ticket made arrangements and I wrote her detailed schedule and trouble shooting hints plus basic dictionary. Me and my husband knew that in Europe it was different opinion on that back then. We tried not to engage in politics. She was not excited particularly with our third 2 years old boy and she mentioned how busy I must be with all this work and why we did not put him up for adoption and she suggested that it is still time that people still can accept 2years old. I did not react to keep things calm

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