Beavis Kamehameha toilet paper shirt

I discuss with all three girls separately about relationship, make my side clearly about GF, that I’m not able to give surety about gammy, out of three two girl said, they don’t have any problem at all because they like me. now I started to flute them induvial, they also started replying me. I become BF for them. & in short span of time we become so intimate. I make sex with two girls separately, but they don’t know I am dating two girls at the same time. Relationship with both the girl are quite unique, I really enjoyed everything in that relationship. At the end of their 12th, one get marry & one shifted to Pune. Pune girl & I’m still in contact, we meet, make love. That’s the one secret that I don’t told to any buddy.

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Beavis Kamehameha toilet paper shirt

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As for me? My son-in-law adores me but my daughter finds me a burden when I visit. My son-in-law is the one who makes sure I have everything I need or want. He’s the one who sits and talks with me (or listens while I talk is more like it. 🙂 ). He is the one who includes me in anything family related with his family. I’m not saying my daughter doesn’t love me because I know she does. But we are oil and water. We have little in common beyond the two boys. She was (I think) embarrassed by me and thinks I talk too much. She has no qualms telling me “Mom we heard this before many times” or “Mom, could you just be quiet?” She doesn’t understand that while she may not think what she says is hurtful, it’s the way she says it that breaks my heart. And she has gotten better towards me since her boys have become teenagers! She is beginning to identify a bit with me and the trouble she gave me.

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