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So I got fed up with it, living 8 months like that with that uncertainty about the bills getting paid for that month. I told her on January 1st: “Uhh… NO! There is no more of this “Maybe, we’ll see.” bullsh!t Pay your part of the bills by the 5th of every month or get the fvck out and I’ll get a roommate that actually wants to live here.” She moved in with her mother a week later and I moved another roommate in on February 1st. This happened to my dad. He got pulled over on the Nevada Arizona border. When the Highway Patrolman walked up he could see, in plain sight, 10 cases of 12Ga shotgun shells.

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This just happened last winter. I was awakened by someone knocking on my front door at 4:30 in the morning. When someone knocks on your door at that time of the morning your first thought is that it’s an emergency, or something bad has happened. So I put on my robe and went to the door expecting the worst. When I opened the door I was met by a woman who was around 30 years old, she had on jean shorts, a long sleeve flannel shirt, and sandals, it was below 40 degrees outside and she was shivering. I had never seen this woman before, but that wasn’t unusual as it’s a big neighborhood.

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Alien Bigfoot The conspiracy club shirt

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The first thing she said was “do you have any cigarettes, and liquor, beer, or drugs that I can have” I wasn’t sure what was going on so I edged over to a shelf next to the door just out of her sight where I keep a gun and slipped it into the pocket of my robe. Then I stepped outside on the first step and looked around to see if she was alone, she was. There was no car around that didn’t belong to one of my neighbors so I relaxed a little. When I looked closer at her it was apparent that she was nervous, her hair was disheveled, her clothes were dirty, and she had a bruise on her cheek and her bottom lip was swollen. I thought about asking her to come into my house but thought better of it with my 15-year-old son still in bed asleep.

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Again she asked me if I had some cigarettes, whiskey, and drugs that I would give her. The thing is, she wasn’t asking for any one of these things, she was asking for all of these things. I was confused by the strangeness of the situation. Then she said that she needed these things because her boyfriend couldn’t sleep and he sent her out to find him these things so he could sleep. I asked her where she lived and she was hesitant but finally told me that she lived almost a mile away ( in a run-down trailer park known for drugs and crime) and she had already gone to several other houses and tried to find what her boyfriend wanted.

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Then I asked her if he was responsible for her cuts and bruises, again she was hesitant and put her head down and said yes, but it wasn’t his fault, that he couldn’t control himself when he didn’t have his drugs, smokes, and whiskey, and since he lost his job he couldn’t afford to buy them so he sent her out to get them for him. As I looked at her and talked to her it became apparent that she wasn’t 30 or anywhere close, she couldn’t have more than 18 to 20 years old. She then dropped a bombshell, she said that he told her to do whatever she had to do to get him his stuff and she said she would give me a blow job, or have sex, or anything I wanted to get him his stuff.

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First question out of his mouth, why are you transporting that excessive quantity of ammunition across state lines? My dad, around 70 years old at the time, and a professional trap shooter, not to mention an old west red neck answered, “None of your God Damn Business”. From what I understand, my mother tried jump into the conversation to cool things down and the cop told her to “Shut Up, I’m not talking to you.” That irritated my dad even more so he asks the cop, “what you gonna do”? The cop took that as a threat and also as a reason to detain and search, which he did.

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