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I’ve seen coworkers crying in the teachers’ lounge over something way too personal and too mean that one of their students said to them. Students sometimes say such things for the purpose of trying to upset their teachers. Sometimes students don’t realize what they’re saying is too personal or mean. Either way, some teachers let it get to them. Students are children. I remember that every time one of them tries to tease me. They’re just kids behaving the way kids do.

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I moved up north a few years ago and went into a tobacco store for some smokes and the manager fell in love with my accent (I’m a southern belle) and begged me to come work for her. Well I finally did and after about 3 months I was forced to become the AM little did I know I would be opening and closing at least 6 days a week. I had no time at all to learn all the computer stuff that needed to be done every morning before opening the store. We opened at 8am I had to be there by 6 to get all the comp work done and sent in and hoping I didn’t screw it up. I had to do a cig count before open and at close daily.

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I had to learn how to make orders for all the products we carried and also be there to receive the truck and make sure we got everything we ordered all while waiting on customers. Then the company decided that our very little store was gonna sell beer, I had to make sure we had the right coolers and products and had to make sure the products looked exactly like the plan o glam (not possible at all). so on a Monday I went in and seen notes on her desk pertaining to having our camera moved so she could see her desk at all time because the night before I had to finish all my online crap from when I started and then do the ones to be the AM.

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So the only time she seen me was when I was helping customers and stocking and doing inventory after the store closed. So I locked the store up and sent her a text message because she never answered her phone. I told her I couldn’t do it anymore and that I locked the store back up and would bring her my keys that afternoon. Needless to say she was furious. About 1.5 months later she is calling and begging me to come back as a regular employee for a day or 2 a week. I did for about a week and she then scheduled me for 5 days the 2nd week open to close so I told her again I was done. I still to this day haven’t been back to that store.

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4th of July Millennium Falcon American flag shirt

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Another time, I found pubic hairs all over the bathroom floor, then found dried blood at the bottom of the mattress, where my feet would have gone. Once at a hotel in Las Vegas, I fired up the hot tub and while it filled with water, I made a phone call. I finished my call and was about to get in the tub when I saw a used Band-aid floating in it. In Hawaii, at a “very nice” hotel, I checked under the bed and there was a live cockroach. Bugs freak me out – I panicked and asked for another room. When I got to the second room, I opened the door and a live cockroach was right there in the doorway.

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Plus, the ones who do the most teasing… the ones who seem to enjoy trying to make their teachers cry… are almost always the ones with really shitty home lives… the ones who have decades of overcoming very real obstacles to have any chance of getting to the happy place I am in life. The kid whose mother isn’t quite sure who his father is, and whose older brother is in jail, and who currently has an “F” in every single class? That kid? He wants to call me fat in front of his classmates to see if it gets to me? Go for it, kid. It doesn’t bother me at all, and maybe it will help you get your mind off of your most likely future for a few seconds.

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