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4th of July Millennium Falcon American flag shirt

I’ve seen coworkers crying in the teachers’ lounge over something way too personal and too mean that one of their students said to them. Students sometimes say such things for the purpose of trying to upset their teachers. Sometimes students don’t realize what they’re saying is too personal or mean. Either way, some teachers let […]

RIP George Floyd justice for Floyd shirt

Until 5th grade. From day one she was bringing home reports of being disrespectful. I was lecturing her and using punishments like no tv, write apologies, no video games, etc. It continued. My daughter would cry and say “I didn’t do that!” and stupidly I thought she wasn’t interpreting the situation and believed the teacher. […]

What The Phở vintage shirt

Chaos, confusion, a lack of statesmanship, incredible corruption at every level of government, a complete lack of respect for the rule of law, absolute ignorance of any knowledge of how our government should operate, nepatism, emoluments violations just about every day, the normalization of daily lying to the American public with respect to almost every […]

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You must decide which element is most important. Your relationship must have a chosen purpose which you make clear to your partner, agree upon and both strive towards. Then you need to organize and structure the relationship so passion is sustained and cultivated. You’ll likely need to learn about polarity and sexual essence. Time apart, […]