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As a parent in a wealthy school district where both parents often have advanced degrees, I found public school to be incredibly invasive. My son, who we didn’t know was very early onset schizophrenia was actually delayed in getting his diagnosis because the school district has a policy of never allowing teachers to fill out […]

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One of the medications given could be muscle relaxant called Succinylcholine, in professional parlance Sux. In some people who have certain genetic biochemical deficiency, Sux may trigger muscle spasm, spike in heart rate, temperature elevation. These symptoms are suspicious for a condition called Malignant Hyperthermia (MH). It is very difficult to open the mouth of […]

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I kept my word and finished my last 3 children through college. With each one as it neared the end of getting financial support from me they each felt that for whatever reason that it shouldn’t stop. However I’d learned that most people don’t appreciate anything that they didn’t work for. My ex-husband even wanted […]

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Keynes realized that the best type of spending is the type of spending that directly pays for activities that produce more wealth. But he also realized, that if such spending were not forthcoming, and we were at less than full employment, that any spending increase, via its multiplier effect will still lead to increased production. […]

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Now I would caution that one not “get stuck” in that type of rigid thinking that implies that only certain types of production “count”. That is there are those who think that the only things that count as production is tangible wealth with easily appraised value. Cars, houses, electronic devices, fuel, etc. etc. But there […]